Recap 2022

Hi, we are almost in the last week of the year. And I want to share my recap of the past, and wishes for the next year. Happy new year to you all! Recap 2022 In general, this year was good enough from different perspectives. We all faced a pandemic in the last two years.

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Behind this blog

It is not really a big deal to run a web page. There are lots of options when you want to start your page up. You can do it with the traditional hosting providers or you are on your own with a dedicated server. For example, this server can either work on premise, cloud or

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Why I needed a personal blog

My blogging experience goes back to 2006, when the time it was a brand new concept for internet world. Since then I have used various platforms for writing my thoughts, such as Blogger, WordPress and Medium. But each one of them had some drawbacks which could not fit into my mind. Eventually I decided to

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