Architecting hybrid cloud with AWS Direct Connect

Hi, long time no talk. It’s been very busy for me to find enough time to write a blog post. But here I am now. While the sun is starting to warm up here a little bit, I am trying to heat my blog too.

I gave a speech about hybrid cloud and AWS Direct Connect at Ankara Tekmer on April 16. It was probably the final community event of Cloud Turkiye‘s pre-summer agenda in Ankara.

In this session, I’ve aimed to talk about the networking itself at first. So our conversation is shaped by the importance of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and its implementations in ISP carrier-level. (Ps. If you give a talk about BGP, you should mention the previous BGP incidents and post-mortems. Yes, such as 2021 Facebook’s massive service outage). Then, the session was heated up with the hybrid cloud discussions and its usage scenarios in telecommunications industry. Afterwards, AWS comes in with its solid Networking & Content Delivery solutions, such as Site-to-Site VPN, Transit Gateway and Direct Connect. Due to the topic I have chosen, hybrid cloud, I preferred to dive deep into the details of AWS Direct Connect. Finally, I ended up the presentation with a use case of AWS Direct Connect with BGP integrations.

Presenting AWS Direct Connect architecture, Ankara Tekmer/April 16, 2024.

You can get the presentation here. If you have any questions about networking, hybrid cloud or AWS DX, hit me up below. Thanks for reading.

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