Behind this blog

It is not really a big deal to run a web page. There are lots of options when you want to start your page up. You can do it with the traditional hosting providers or you are on your own with a dedicated server. For example, this server can either work on premise, cloud or a Raspberry Pi. I chose it to work on AWS Cloud because of two reasons. Firstly, it gives me the power of agile management. So that I can easily control my instances and services quickly. And the second one is that the infrastructure behind the scene is very reliable and secure.

What is in the stack?

Running a dynamic content on t3a.micro instance flexibly is really cool. However I am aware of that a t3a.micro instance’s specifications are not very capable of computing huge amount of traffic. Mine has 1GB RAM, 2 vCPU and 10GB of block storage. These specs are actually enough for personal purposes at the moment. But the good point is, migrating to a more competent instance is a piece of cake on AWS.

If it sounds interesting, then you can dive deep into the details on this blog post which I have written half a year ago.

Last word

Briefly, I tried to sum up the infrastructure of my blogging environment. Although the purpose is just sharing something meaningful, managing this entire system makes a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Thanks for reading!

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