Why I needed a personal blog

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

My blogging experience goes back to 2006, when the time it was a brand new concept for internet world. Since then I have used various platforms for writing my thoughts, such as Blogger, WordPress and Medium. But each one of them had some drawbacks which could not fit into my mind. Eventually I decided to buy a special domain to my name, and build a new blog. Just one place to share important posts. So here I am.

There are few blogging platforms which I will be continuing to use in order to be a part of tech communities. These are Medium and Dev.to. Since I am an active member of AWS Community Builders program, it is better to be online on these platforms. Maybe I will prepare a script which can automatically share what I post here.

If we put aside everything, it felt really good to write down some thoughts on a personal page. I humbly recommend it to everyone to do the same, just like old days!

To keep this short, let me mention what I am interested and will post here whenever I have time. Currently I am working on network solutions architecture to build great products and solutions. Besides that, I am giving some effort for contributing to AWS community for Networking and Content Delivery products. If I would have enough time, I plan to share casual blog posts such as books, reviews and where I travelled etc.

Thanks for reading and supporting!

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